From furnishings to the automotive sector, from small precision metal parts to household appliances, from display units to ornamental goods, every metal wire needs to pass through a controlled drawing process. At TRAFILERIA LARIANA Drawing Steels, we process more than 15,000 tons of wire per year.

These products are supplied, by customer request, pickled or sandblasted, pickled and phosphated, or pickled, phosphated and polymer lubricated with the following finishes

- Hot Rolled (+U)
- Hot Rolled Annealed (+U+AC)
- Cold Drawn (+U+C)
- Cold Drawn from Annealed Spheroidizing wire rod (+U+AC+C)
- Redrawn annealed wire (+U+C+AC+LC)
- Cold drawn with final Spheroidizing Annealing (+U+C+AC)

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  • Hot rolled annealed and pickled
  • Cold drawn wires and bars


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+39 031 850438

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