Tension Technology Martin S.r.l.
Geotechnical ground anchors

T.T.M. S.r.l. produces permanent and temporary ground anchors in compliance with the Ministerial Decree 14.01.2008 and Presidential Decree no. 12391 as of 22.12.2011 (guideline for the certification of the technical suitability for ground anchors for geotechnical applications). All the products also comply with the standard EN 1537-2013.

All the ground anchors can be installed with TTR-E and TTM anchorages and are made of wire strands in harmonic steel produced according to prEN 10138.

In order to guarantee a constant production over time and a quick service to customers, highly automatic plants were implemented to achieve a high level of production ensuring quality at the same time.
The production of ground anchors is developed over four lines. The whole production system has a daily capacity of cutting of about 80.000 meters of strands by means of extremely high productiveness numerical control plants.


T.T.M. S.r.l. proposes to the construction and design of the various system solutions for post tension, bridges/viaducts, tanks and slabs.
All Bonded and Unbonded systems are produced in compliance with the guideline ETAG013, guaranteed over time and to ensure safe use in prestressed concrete structural elements and are in accordance with ETA.
The anchorages are tested and qualified to provide high fatigue resistance and durability. 

The production of post tension anchors protected against corrosion is one of the main products offered today to structural engineering. These solutions are designed to offer high protection anchors over time, ensuring it by infiltrations or corrosive environments.

The system includes the use of the strand 7-wire in three types, Normal, Super and Compact.
The use of the strand T15C (Compact) with diameter and section respectively of 15.2 mm and 165 mm², allows to reduce the dimensions, by applying anchorages of smaller dimensions thus also reducing the size of the tensioning jacks.
The availability of steel strand is guaranteed by the ability of the Group, with two manufacturing facilities with an annual capacity of 150,000 tons.

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