Whistleblowing reporting


Employees and managers of the Company, members of corporate bodies, collaborators, consultants and third parties in general acting on behalf of the Company and / or linked to the latter by contractual obligations can use the whistleblowing channel to report:

  • significant illegal conduct pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • violations of the Organizational, Management and Control Model adopted by the Company.

The reports may not concern information already in the public domain, personal complaints of the whistleblower themselves or complaints related to the employment relationship. The Company guarantees the confidentiality of the reporting subject and of the data / information transmitted, in order to protect the reporting party from any form of retaliation or discrimination. The identity of the whistleblower cannot be revealed without the express consent of the latter (except in the case where it is requested by the judicial or administrative authorities).


How to submit a whistleblowing report


To submit a Whistleblowing report, the “Whistleblowing Report” form is available on this page. The form can be sent:

  • Via e-mail, to an address specifically activated for this purpose, directly from the website. The identity of the reporting party will be known only by the members of the Supervisory and Control Body of the Company which will guarantee its confidentiality, except where this is not enforceable by law;
  • By ordinary mail, by confidential letter addressed to the Supervisory Body, at the Company offices in Via Cosimo Canovetti, 13, 25128 Brescia (Italy)

Fill out the online form

Whistleblowing Reporting Form
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